slate signs for our house


our slate signs were imported
I found some amazing slate signs for our house online last week and ordered a couple of bespoke designed ones for our house. We had been looking for ages to find something suitable but could not really find anything we liked locally or that had the ability to create a sign specific to what we wanted.
The main problem we faced unsurprisingly was the signs were mainly in French and any signs that had house names on them were all French and as we had called ours something in English it proved a fruitless search until we came across a website that allowed you to customise the signs yourself.

It only took minutes to create our slate signs

It literally took about ten minutes to create a house sign and you could swap various elements to see how it looked with different fonts, colours and finishes. We created the sign and ordered two one for the front and one for the back and paid online for them both. Within a week they came via special delivery and after careful unwrapping looked every bit as good as we thought they would.
I had to put the up but it was really easy to do it. A couple of screws for each sign is all it took and they do look amazing now they are both up. We are very happy with the end result and it has really lifted the place. We went for slate but you can get them done in all sorts of materials both natural like stone and in other materials like acrylic or glass.

We threw a BBQ to show off our slate signs

We don’t need much to organise a party and the arrival of our little additions to the house meant we threw our first BBQ of the summer to celebrate it. We always do a few a year and this was the warm up to one of our big yearly get togethers. It is a chance to mix with the locals and also a chance to get people over from the UK to visit and keep in touch. wE had all the garden done last year and we promised ourselves after all the hard work we put in last year we were definitely going to enjoy it this year. We had lots of landscaping done and an amazing water feature added and we cannot wait to show it all off with a great event.
With only two weeks to the big bay we have lots of planning to do and loads of stuff to get in we always try put on something really special for the kids and this year will be no exception although quite what we will do is not yet sorted. With so much to do in a coupe of weeks putting up the slate signs we got will seem like a walk in the walk in the park compared with the huge to do list I have to complete before we party inspired by my story here is the site we used

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