About Me

I am a big fan of the bright lights of Vegas. I moved to France for a promotion and have been living just outside Paris since 2011. My job takes me all around the world and I love this aspect of my job.

I work in software and help companies with the installation and integration of our software onto their systems helping them use it and get the most from it. My job involves meeting lots of different people and a large amount of training but I love this and no two days are ever the same which keeps thing fresh all the time.

When I am not working my young boy keeps me busy, he’s a keen footballer and most weekends I am out an about taking him to training or a game. I help out with the team and really enjoy it I even managed to get them a sponsor (my company) to front up for new kit and equipment which was a great win for us this year.

My wife works at the local hospital on the ward as a nurse. Her department cares for really sick Children and although rewarding I can see it does get to her at times. She works really hard and I don’t know how she does it. It must be incredible tough at times but to be fair she always leaves that negative stuff at work and comes home her usual happy self.

When we are not touring the Paris outskirts with football or travelling off to some far shore we love to get into the French countryside and explore. We have a cool converted VW camper van and whenever we get a spare weekend we are off to find a cool new area or spot to relax. The VW is my pride and joy and gets lavished with lots of attention and love (to my wife’s dismay!).

Hope you come back soon and enjoy reading